Visual Art Preview – Painting event

This Sunday I am organising a presentation of 4 visual artists!

The event will occur once per month! So I will be constantly looking for visual artists!

Best way to follow is by pressing the going button on the meetup event!

Visual Art Preview – Painting

Sunday, Aug 25, 2019, 7:30 PM

The word
Willmanndamm 4 Berlin, DE

3 Members Attending

A presentation from four visual artists of their upcoming work series. This is rare chance for anyone to have a preview of what is about to be exhibited in a gallery. Main focus for this event is painting. Visual Art Preview is recurring event in which a selected group of visual artists present a series of works the are currently working on. A seri…

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Last February Drawings

Last week some of the drawings during the Life Drawing Session and the MHAS Drawing Session.

Where is that?

Creative Sessions

Berlin, DE
966 Members

Creative sessions in the Berlin area!  We organise events that involve drawing, sketching at bars, cafes, museums and parks. The events are intented to artists or art lovers a…

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Life Drawing Session

Saturday, Mar 2, 2019, 3:30 PM
3 Attending

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Life Drawing sessions and more

The last month I started organising a few more creative events with Creative Sessions

Check what is planned for this week:

Life Drawing Session
Nude Flexible and Yoga Poses
3 Hours – 8€

Sunday Morning
MHAS Drawing Session
Portrait Drawing within a group of ~50 people
3 Hours – Free

Sunday Afternoon
Visual Storymaking Session
Creation of visual stories, such as picture books, comics, film
3 Hours – Free

Maybe join?

Drawing Additions

A lot of drawings have been added lately at my archive. For example today these 2:

These are drawings that we make during a weekly meetup event, called Creative Sessions.

Creative Sessions

Berlin, DE
797 Members

Drawing sessions at many places around Berlin. We organise events that involve sketching at bars, cafes, museums and parks. The events are intented to artist or art lovers and…

Next Meetup

MHAS Drawing Session

Sunday, Jan 13, 2019, 11:00 AM
15 Attending

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The rest of the portrait drawings are here for example:

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New Painting – Noor Tiny

This painting was ready for a couple of months now. Today I just made the photoshoot. A pair of paintings. Its is small 12 cm the big one and 3 cm the small one

“Noor with Horizontal Displacement” Homemade 12x12cm Egg Tempera on Wood and Polymer Clay

I also added to the archive a few drawings and illustrations that I already posted in various social media in the past.

I have many tiny paintings of plants, animals and nudes that I plan to sell on my Etsy Shop

B Flat Session
Anastasia 5 min study

Homemade Egg Tempera on Polymer Clay, ~ 2.5cm X 2.5cm X 2.5cm



Just a new Nude Drawing

This is just a small update on my work. Every week I attend to many drawing sessions, portrait or life drawings. The drawings are done in 10 mins.

One of my plans are to create a “Drawing Book” . Maybe one day!

Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses Pencil on A4

First Picture Box

The first try on making a picture box in finished. This is an egg tempera on clay. It is of the size of a small book. The difficult part was the making of the wooden case. It took me a lot of experimentation to find how it could open and stay in display position. Most of the typical option make the box look ugly and interfere with the image. This idea is not ideal. The next picture boxes will have the wooden hinges hidden inside the wood. What is it about? That is a simple visual game More about it in the future!

Picture Box Dog Thing

Also I have started implementing the woocommerce plugin into the website. A lot of changes are needed in the css styling. The plan is to list a few of the smallest works for sale. I have many things that are almost ready. One of them is a small board game made out of wood and of course the video games that we make at Bryopsis.

In case you don’t know I started a video game studio , check it out at

If you want to participate, or ask a question send me a message at my email. One thing  I forgot to mention, now there is a newsletter subscription. Check at the sidebar “Connect” section for it. You will be notified when an important event is going to happen, like an exhibition!