Visual Art Preview – Painting event

This Sunday I am organising a presentation of 4 visual artists!

The event will occur once per month! So I will be constantly looking for visual artists!

Best way to follow is by pressing the going button on the meetup event!

Life Drawing sessions and more

The last month I started organising a few more creative events with Creative Sessions

Check what is planned for this week:

Life Drawing Session
Nude Flexible and Yoga Poses
3 Hours – 8€

Sunday Morning
MHAS Drawing Session
Portrait Drawing within a group of ~50 people
3 Hours – Free

Sunday Afternoon
Visual Storymaking Session
Creation of visual stories, such as picture books, comics, film
3 Hours – Free

Maybe join?

Drawing Additions

A lot of drawings have been added lately at my archive. For example today these 2:

These are drawings that we make during a weekly meetup event, called Creative Sessions.

The rest of the portrait drawings are here for example:

[rl_gallery id=”1763″]

New Painting – Noor Tiny

This painting was ready for a couple of months now. Today I just made the photoshoot. A pair of paintings. Its is small 12 cm the big one and 3 cm the small one

“Noor with Horizontal Displacement” Homemade 12x12cm Egg Tempera on Wood and Polymer Clay

I also added to the archive a few drawings and illustrations that I already posted in various social media in the past.

I have many tiny paintings of plants, animals and nudes that I plan to sell on my Etsy Shop

B Flat Session
Anastasia 5 min study

Homemade Egg Tempera on Polymer Clay, ~ 2.5cm X 2.5cm X 2.5cm



Just a new Nude Drawing

This is just a small update on my work. Every week I attend to many drawing sessions, portrait or life drawings. The drawings are done in 10 mins.

One of my plans are to create a “Drawing Book” . Maybe one day!

Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses
Berlin Poses Pencil on A4