First Picture Box

The first try on making a picture box in finished. This is an egg tempera on clay. It is of the size of a small book. The difficult part was the making of the wooden case. It took me a lot of experimentation to find how it could open and stay in display position. Most of the typical option make the box look ugly and interfere with the image. This idea is not ideal. The next picture boxes will have the wooden hinges hidden inside the wood. What is it about? That is a simple visual game More about it in the future!

Picture Box Dog Thing

Also I have started implementing the woocommerce plugin into the website. A lot of changes are needed in the css styling. The plan is to list a few of the smallest works for sale. I have many things that are almost ready. One of them is a small board game made out of wood and of course the video games that we make at Bryopsis.

In case you don’t know I started a video game studio , check it out at

If you want to participate, or ask a question send me a message at my email. One thing  I forgot to mention, now there is a newsletter subscription. Check at the sidebar “Connect” section for it. You will be notified when an important event is going to happen, like an exhibition!

Picture Boxes and Blondie

I have made a small clay painting, it is now added in the archive of this webpage. This is one of the first ones i have made. Working with oil colors is actually not ideal with so small surfaces. Therefore I will avoid making any more oils for these series.

After that i bought better sanding and cutting tools for the clay. Also I have found an improved recipe for fresh egg tempera medium. I have experimented extensively on many materials. Casein, Acrylics, Inks, Gouache/Watercolors, PVA. The colors and the richness of egg is by far superior.

The nudes are part of the wooden boxes I made. This is a visual game that I  will use various styles to show it. I will have some that will be purelly abtract and some that will be figurative.

A few things about Queen of Corsairs

The last few months I have been working with Ragiva game studio for a new game “Queen of Corsairs”. Have a look at the official website of Ragiva. There is a test lab that is free, if you search a bit. It is space shooter with top down view. We have made a few things that we can show.

Let’s start with a simple rock.

Egg tempera

While testing acrylics, oil colors and egg tempera, i found it easier to work with egg tempera. Next step is start making the notits nude series!

This is a very thin layer of polymer clay.



Experimenting with Clay

I am experimenting with Polymer Clay. I am planning to make some small paintings on this clay. Currently i used homemade acrylic colors. Working with this material is not practical. I am planning to use egg tempera, and oil colors. For the moment I will make nudes, but I need to make a few portraits also.