Picture Boxes and Blondie

I have made a small clay painting, it is now added in the archive of this webpage. This is one of the first ones i have made. Working with oil colors is actually not ideal with so small surfaces. Therefore I will avoid making any more oils for these series.

After that i bought better sanding and cutting tools for the clay. Also I have found an improved recipe for fresh egg tempera medium. I have experimented extensively on many materials. Casein, Acrylics, Inks, Gouache/Watercolors, PVA. The colors and the richness of egg is by far superior.

The nudes are part of the wooden boxes I made. This is a visual game that I  will use various styles to show it. I will have some that will be purelly abtract and some that will be figurative.

A few things about Queen of Corsairs

The last few months I have been working with Ragiva game studio for a new game “Queen of Corsairs”. Have a look at the official website of Ragiva. There is a test lab that is free, if you search a bit. It is space shooter with top down view. We have made a few things that we can show.

Let’s start with a simple rock.

Egg tempera

While testing acrylics, oil colors and egg tempera, i found it easier to work with egg tempera. Next step is start making the notits nude series!

This is a very thin layer of polymer clay.



Experimenting with Clay

I am experimenting with Polymer Clay. I am planning to make some small paintings on this clay. Currently i used homemade acrylic colors. Working with this material is not practical. I am planning to use egg tempera, and oil colors. For the moment I will make nudes, but I need to make a few portraits also.